Residential & Commercial Solar Services

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or eliminate your electric bill, we will design a system that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to help you acquire a system you can afford by providing you with all the information you need, including financing, rebates and incentives, and system design.

How it Works

1.  Solar modules/panels absorb sunlight and convert it into D/C (direct current electricity).

2.  The electricity is then routed to an Inverter which then converts the D/C power to A/C power. This conversion is necessary because the power being fed from your utility grid is also A/C power, and you will be sending power back to the grid so it must be in A/C.

3.  Once converted to A/C, your electricity is then routed back to the utility grid through your utility meter. When you’re producing more power than you are using, your meter will spin backwards. All the power you produce will be sold/credited back to the utility grid at the same retail rates it was sold to you. This is known as net metering.