The following document outlines the detailed specifications of a photovoltaic roof mount system installed at 1201 Huntingdon Dr. The system features 12 Hyundai Solar Module HIS-S400YH(BK)-400W modules and 12 Enphase IQ8PLUS-72-2-US microinverters. The installation adheres to the 2022 California Electrical Code, Residential Code, Fire Code, Building Code, Green Building Standards Code, Energy Code, Plumbing Code, and Mechanical Code.

Equipment Specifications:

Manufacturer/Model: Hyundai Solar Module HIS-S400YH(BK)-400W
  • VMP: 37.7V
  • IMP: 10.61A
  • VOC: 45.3V
  • ISC: 11.25A
  • Module Dimension: 75.74(L) x 40.86(W) inches
  • Panel Wattage: 400W
Manufacturer/Model: Enphase IQ8PLUS-72-2-US Microinverters
  • Max DC Short Circuit Current: 15A
  • Continuous Output Current: 1.21A (240V)
  • Ambient Temperature Specs: 0°C to 32°C
All conduit sizes and types are listed for their purpose and approved for the site applications.
All PV cables and homerun wires are #10AWG *USE-2, PV wire, or proprietary solar cabling specified by the manufacturer, or equivalent.
All conductors and OCPD sizes and types are specified according to CEC regulations.