The project involves the installation of a roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system at the owner’s residence located at 2430 Rockwood Ranch Rd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037. The system will generate power that will be interconnected with the utility grid through the existing electrical service equipment. It’s important to note that the PV system includes storage batteries and complies with the 2019 California Electrical Code, Residential Code, Fire Code, Building Code, Green Building Standards Code, Energy Code, Plumbing Code, and Mechanical Code.
The system comprises 57 Phono Solar Twinplus PS450M4-24/TH modules, 2 Sol-Ark 12K-P inverters, and 1 10kWh Storz Power battery. These components are essential for the efficient functioning of the solar photovoltaic system and contribute to its overall performance and energy outpu
The installation adheres to specific electrical and wiring requirements, ensuring that all equipment and associated wiring are installed only by qualified individuals. The system utilizes micro-inverters located under the solar modules, and all wiring methods for PV system conductors are carefully regulated to meet safety and performance standards.

The Phono Solar Twinplus PS450M4-24/TH modules have a wattage of 450W, VMP of 41.40V, IMP of 10.87V, VOC of 49.24V, and a temperature coefficient of VOC at -0.30 %/°C. These specifications contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of the solar modules within the system.

The Sol-Ark 12K-P inverters have a nominal AC power of 12000W, nominal output voltage of 240VAC, and a nominal output current of 37.5A. These inverters play a crucial role in converting the DC power generated by the solar modules into usable AC power for the residence.
The system has a system rating of 25.65 KWDC and 24.0 KWAC, highlighting its substantial energy output capacity. This high output capacity ensures that the residence can benefit from a reliable and sustainable source of electricity, reducing reliance on traditional utility power.